The Best 11 Dogs For Children

The Best 11 Dogs For Children

When choosing dogs for children you need to consider a few factors, mainly your children’s age and size and the personality and energy level of the dog. A smart dog is ideal for families. The energy level of the dog shouldn’t be too high, so as to be compatible with a family’s lifestyle.

Toddlers may be at risk with high energy or larger dogs. On the other hand, smaller dogs may be ill-treated by older children. You might also consider the idea of getting an adult dog that has been around kids, as puppies require a lot of training and attention.

1. Labrador and Golden Retriever

Even if they are larger dogs, retrievers are great with children due to their friendly personality and intelligence. Labradors and golden retrievers are energetic dogs, so they are recommended for older kids. Make sure the dog gets sufficient exercise.

2. English Setter

The English settler is a gentle, good-natured dog. It is very playful and will do well with children. The setter is an energetic dog, but if kept indoors, he tends to be inactive, so this breed is a good choice for families.

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