Best Dogs For Children-Dogs That Don't Shed

Best Dogs For Children-Dogs That Don't Shed

One of the hot trends recently for dog breeders to market their dogs is to advertise them as a non shedding dog. We have seen countless ads for Goldendoodles, and other breeds, that use the non shedding tag as one of the main selling points of the breed. Why not? Everyone wants a dog that doesn't shed! A shedding dog is one of the biggest complaints dog owners have. Who wants to run the vacuum every day to keep piles of dog hair off of the furniture and floors?

So, while professional breeders have been busy creating new breeds for various other reasons, dog owners and amateur breeders have been looking for that darn dog that doesn't shed all over the house. They haven't had to look very far. Poodles don't shed. Many of the Terrier breeds don't shed, including the very popular Westies. Goldendoodles don't shed.

Or do they?

As grooming shop owners, we are asked to counsel our customers on the best dog breeds, which breed is best as a house dog, which breed is the smartest, and on and on. Most of all, we are asked which breeds do not shed. Our standard answer is this, "If you are getting a dog, be prepared to vacuum a lot, or brush it a lot."

You see, there isn't a dog breed that doesn't shed. All dog breeds shed hair. Every last one of them. They either shed it off, onto your carpet and furniture, or they shed it into their UNDERCOAT. All dogs do one or the other.

Now you are probably asking yourself, "what will I have to do if I get one these 'non shedding' dogs?" That's a good question. And the answer is, you will have to brush it. Ideally, you will brush it every, or every other, day.

Here's what happens if you don't brush it a lot. The hair that the dog sheds goes in the undercoat. The undercoat builds up. Very soon, your dog is a matted mess. Matted hair can be painful for a dog, as it sticks to the dog's skin and can pull the skin when the dog moves.

Soon, the dog is so matted you can't do anything with it. So, you take it to your local grooming shop. Unfortunately, getting matted hair off a dog isn't easy, and it can be painful for the dog. Sometimes, the dog is so matted that all it's hair has to be shaved off. Which sometimes leaves you with an ugly dog!

So, fellow dog owners and seekers of non shedding dogs, remember this: When you get that new puppy, you are either going to be purchasing a new vacuum, or a new brush.

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