Best Dogs For Children-Good Dogs For Kids

Dogs are often said to be the most loyal of pets. There is a special relationship between a dog and a child. Which species are considered as the best dogs for children? Read on to know more about kid friendly dog breeds...

A pet in a family is always beneficial. It is observed that many adults have beautiful memories of childhood with their pets. A dog is universally considered as the best pet for children as well as adults. There are no specific rules as to which breed of dogs are most suitable for children. However parents should keep certain things in mind when they are plan to get a pet dog for their children. The most important thing to be considered is the child's age as well as the dog's temperament and energy level. It is not a good idea to get a Great Dane or a Mastiff for a small child as these are large dog breeds, and the child may get hurt while playing with it. It may even knock the child down playfully. Similarly, it is not recommended to have Chihuahuas, Pekinese or Shitzu, as these small dogs will not be able cope up with rigorous play of children. So which breeds are considered as the best dogs for children?

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